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Blesso Whitening Apricot Scrub (150ml)


Key Features
Vitamin E to nourish skin and protect against the sun
Sage disinfects the skin and acts as a natural antibacterial agent
Mandarin helps exfoliation
Grapefruit to cleanse and help remove uneven skin tone


Blesso Whitening Daily Face Wash (150ml)

  • Natural moisture facial gel with natural orange and grape extracts.
  • It helps remove dirt, impurities clogged in the pores, excess sebum and cosmetic residue.
  • Leaving your facial skin shine-free, smooth and clean.
  • It’s PH balanced formula also provides optimum natural moisture balance.
  • Natural Orange & Grape Extracs are astringents which create more tones and tightening of skin.

Blesso Whitening Facial Skin Polisher (150ml)

  • For All Skin Types
  • Aloevera For Moisturizing
  • Mulberry For Whitening
  • Milk Protein For Firming
  • Rose Water For Deep Cleansing
  • Mango Extract Revitalizing