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American Crew 3-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner & Body Wash (450ml)

  • It  is a super convenient grooming product which conditions and stimulates your scalp, detangles and adds shine to hair while softening your skin and providing full body invigoration.
  • With natural ingredients and a signature fragrance, American Crew Classic products are guaranteed to make you look and feel great – classic grooming never goes out of style.
  • The product is a multi-tasking time saver which set new standard in convenient men’s grooming.

American Crew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (250ml)

  • Restores a look of health back to your hair and scalp
  • Formulated with zinc pyrithione which avoids flaking and itching
  • Freshens and hydrates hair and scalp

American Crew Boost Cream (125ml)

  • American Crew Boost Cream, an anti-gravity styling aid
  • that’s been specially formulated to enhance thickness, natural definition and provide separation for healthy volume and shine.
  • Guaranteed to make you look and feel great
  • American Crew Boost Cream brings a modern styling approach to classic grooming.

American Crew Classic Gray Shampoo (250ml)

  • Formulated as a regular-use shampoo, this can be used daily
  • The formula has been devised to remove those brassy, yellowing tones that can detract from grey and greying hair.
  • Also, the addition of Hydrolysed Milk Protein ensures that dryness and wiry texture is eliminated and hair is left with a smooth, healthy look and feel.

American Crew Cooling Conditioner (250ml)

  • American Crew Citrus Mint Cooling Conditioner is a revitalising, balancing conditioner that infuses citrus oils and natural lime
  • the cooling effects of mint to give your hair an intensive conditioning experience.
  • American Crew Citrus Mint Cooling Conditioner contains a unique blend of ingredients including peppermint and spearmint extracts
  • It  increase your hair’s strength and shine without weighing it down.

American Crew Curl Constuct (250ml)

  • Anti-gravity styling cream that aids in creating bold layered curls while enhancing natural waves
  • Create bold curls for a full, defined style with dynamic texture and support
  • Provides dramatic volume and healthy shine
  • Enhances definition and separation

American Crew Daily Conditioner (250ml)

  • A stimulating, invigorating hair and scalp treatment it instantly detangles to give your hair a silky smooth feel.
  • The secret of the American Crew Daily Conditioner lies in its natural ingredients.
  • It’s formulated with panama bark extract to help reduce oily texture, while rosemary, thyme, peppermint and menthol tone and invigorate leaving the scalp with a fresh, healthy feel.
  • It is also pH-balanced to ensure your scalp and hair won’t be left oily or dry.

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Cream (125ml)

  • American Crew Firm Hold Styling Cream (100ml) offers a pliable hold with flexible definition and low shine.
  • The moisturising formulation tames hair, allowing you to create versatile looks that last all day.
  • Perfect for all hair types, this product is most useful when you need reliable hold and control.

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel (250ml)

  • Firm Hold Styling Gel, the ultimate in holding power
  • Enriched with natural extracts like Vitamin B5 to help hair look thicker with added shine
  •  Provides very high hold with a high shine
  • prevents flaking, avoids drying the hair

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel (450ml)

  • Ultimate in holding power
  • Helps hair look thicker with more body and shine
  • For use on wet or dry hair
  • Alcohol free
  • American Crew Firm Hold Gel is great for when firm hold is desired.
  • Provides very high hold with a high shine, prevents flaking, avoids drying the hair and scalp, allows for easier distribution through hair.
  • Dual Polymer Complex, Alcohol Free, Low pH, Carbomer.

American Crew Forming Cream (85g)

  • This product is water-based, so it washes out easily without leaving residue.
  •  Contains Lanolin Wax which is a humectant that provides movable hold.
  • Sucrose conditions and and moisturizes hair.
  •  PVP Copolymer is a holding agent that encourages firmness, body and fullness to the hair.
  • Glycerin softens and swells the hair shaft making hair appear thicker.